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‘Exhausting, traumatizing’: Minneapolis protests push peace amid police confrontations

Ashley Phelps and Ahmad Eltawely developed a fast bond on Saturday, the night they fled tear gas and ran from advancing police who were pepper-spraying protesters. They had met for

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Raiders commit to holding training camp in Nevada

The Raiders have committed to holding their training camp in Nevada after an NFL mandate was handed down earlier on Tuesday for all training camps across the league to be

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From the research lab to your doctor’s office – here’s what happens in phase 1, 2, 3 drug trials

For COVID-19, like all illnesses, the drugs and vaccines to treat or prevent the disease must be backed by rigorous evidence. Clinical trials are the source of this evidence. With

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Oil up more than 3% ahead of OPEC+ meeting and on easing lockdowns

Oil prices climbed by more than $1 a barrel on Tuesday on hopes that major crude producers will agree to extend output cuts during a video conference expected to be

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Bug bounty hunter snags $100,000 award for zero-day bug in ‘Sign in with Apple’ system

Full-time bug bounty hunter Bhavuk Jain discovered a zero-day exploit in Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” system that earned him a $100,000 bounty from the Cupertino tech company. The potentially

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Former President George W. Bush: ‘It is time for America to examine our tragic failures’

Former President George W. Bush released a lengthy statement Tuesday calling on the country to listen to black Americans and “examine our tragic failures.” “It is a strength when protesters,

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